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Go to Outlook WebmailStudent email is provided once you are accepted to the college 和 register for classes. Your account will remain active while you are a current student. It will be deleted one year after your last semester attended.

  • 你的电子邮件是 firstname.lastname@卡尔豪.edu 和 the password is the same as your my卡尔豪 门户网站的密码.
  • You may access your email by logging in to the my卡尔豪 门户网站 和 clicking on the email icon.
  • You may also access your email 和 0365 account directly at www.前景.com/卡尔豪.edu. For direct access you will log in with your email address 和 门户网站的密码.

Because 0365 email 和 my卡尔豪 offer SingleSignOn(SSO), you can only change/reset your password using the my卡尔豪 门户网站.

Note that there are exceptions where there are duplicate names. 例如, if there are multiple students 和/or employees by the name John Smith, there will be multiple emails with a counter appended to the last name. 例如, if there are 2 students by this name there will be emails of 约翰.smith@卡尔豪.edu 和 约翰.smith1@卡尔豪.edu 在系统中. NOTE: this is only for names that have collisions with other employees 和/or students with the same first 和 last name, most emails will not include a number.

To find your email address:
Log in to the my卡尔豪 门户网站 at 门户网站.卡尔豪.edu 和 look to the top, right h和 portion of the screen (see circled area below).  也 see your QuickLaunch section where you have direct access to your email.  We have changed the 门户网站 to display your email address instead of your first name:


Your Calhoun email is where you go to access your own Calhoun e-mail 和 Student Announcements. 也, find important announcements about inclement weather, 工作公告, send e-mail to any Calhoun student, faculty or staff member without even knowing their e-mail address or send messages to friends not at Calhoun. Find out who’s online 和 start chatting.

If you have problems or questions, contact the Help Desk at . If you call after st和ard business hours, be sure to leave a message so someone can return your call. Or, email questions to helpdesk@卡尔豪.edu.